Where has the time gone

Well it’s been ages since my last post so I haven’t mindlessly babbled for quite a while. But it’s not from a lack of things going on to blog about. It’s because I’ve been busy, yes, busy. I’m currently now looking for work and that does take up quite a bit of time.  I think I have something that may work out, but I’ll just have to see.

I also just recently killed off my Windows system when I was trying to try out Mandriva 2008.  It’s not the installer’s fault, it was mine really.  I’m not all that worried though. I’ve been thinking of switching back to Linux again and the current Linux system seem very slick now so I think I’ll stick with it for a while and see how things go.  I’m also trying to teach myself C++ (a programming language) at the moment so using Linux seems to match that well in my mind.

Just now I’m off on a long trek up to Magil to buy mik and cream so it’s a long bus ride with nothing to do but to read Accelerated C++.

High Speed

Well not quite. Today I had my ADSL starter pack delivered and plugged it in. My account is all set up and it’s worked right off the bat. I’m in the high speed nirvana that only a serial dial up user can get from a 512K connection. It might not be as fast as my brothers, nor of most of the state if the speed test site is to be believed, but for me, it’s a huge step up the connectivity ladder. No more waiting endlessly for simple pages to download and no more having to hit the 52K link for news videos and lamenting only getting five seconds of motion before it freezes into a picture over audio experience.

Anyway, I seem to be babbling now and so I think I will head off and enjoy my upgrade for a bit and post back when something more interesting to people who are not me presents itself. Now also this will mean I can post more pictures. Hazzar !

[Pointless anecdote: I just noticed that babbling and blabbing are the same word, but one has a lazy ‘L’ ]

In Waiting

Well the application for my phone and broadband seem to be going well. I’ve got on-line account access on their site and our phone has already been switched after a nice call this morning. ADSL, however, may take a bit longer.

I received an email yesterday telling me that my application was being processed and that it could take up to 12 working days to process. Well that’s good news (especially since with the phone switched over to the AAPT line, the dial in cost for my current internet access is cheaper) but having to wait over two weeks for ADSL now seems like torture. I made a decision to switch and now I have to wait !

Kicking the habit

Well it’s finally happened. I’ve applied for my first ever home broadband connection. Yes, I’m going ADSL. I applied earlier this morning with AAPT. I’ve gone through their sign up process and hopefully should have confirmation sometime during the week. I’m taking the plunge at this time, because I’ve finally gotten fed up with my dial up Internet provider. I won’t mention who it is because I’m not that kind of person and to be honest, I should have guessed they would be like this. I went for the cheapest plan I could find and got the cheapest product.

This time however, I’m going for flexibility. AAPT is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. I’ve gone for a mix of affordability and performance and just so long as the service is good (and I didn’t find anything on-line to say that it will not be) I should be happy. Otherwise, they have their connections at good rates with no contract, so if I find I need to bail out, it shouldn’t be a pain.

So now I’m just looking forward to approval, delivery of my ADSL modem and then that fabled first connection.

A farewell and a re-acquaintance

Today we got up early and to head off to Adelaide airport. No, no, we weren’t getting onto a plane ourselves, though it was tempting. We were there to see my Mum off on her three month world tour. Yes indeed, she is going round the world in probably just a bit more than eighty days.

So we were down at the airport. The weather was grey, chilly and slightly wet, so of course, being in an airport in that weather, I thought of Scotland. And England. Having been to airports in both countries and almost always in that kind of weather, the parallel practically drew itself.

An interesting thing about the Adelaide airport is just how much many people we know don’t like it. When it was built there seems to have been quite a lot of complaints about the style and facilities. I would have to say though, speaking as a seasoned international traveller, the airport is really quite nice. It’s definitely on par to most of the modern airports I’ve been through recently. Stansted, Hong Kong, Charles-de-Gaul, Glasgow International. They all have the same cool but not cold, high and airy feel that is never claustrophobic.

The only criticism I would put forward is that it’s perhaps a bit small. For a city of around 1.5 million people, and one that wants to attract more direct international flights, it was, I believe, built to only handle the capacity it was already managing. But that is a small point really. Well, that and the fact that the facilities only accept Australian dollars. I wouldn’t mind being able to spend my spare euros/pounds/yen that I have left over from my travels there and I’m sure others would too. But still, a minor point as well.

So anyway, we sat at the airport with my Mum and my brother Joseph and had a chat for a while, had coffee and cake and things from Cocolat, a very nice chocolate, cake and other things shop with branches around Adelaide. We chatted about the upcoming trip and where she would be staying. She’s heading off to a stopover in Singapore first, then to London for a week or so, then to Paris, then Lourdes, then somewhere north of Paris, back to London, to Scotland (in and around Glasgow) then to Seattle to visit my brother Peter, another stopover somewhere or other in the Pacific, then back home to Adelaide. Whew! All up, just under three months.

When she finally set off to get ready to board and we did the traditional looking at planes with the kids bit, we headed off out. Since we were all the way out at the Airport, a not too small deal for people without cars, we thought we’d notch up another bird by heading out to see … IKEA!

Well it was not quite the massive excitement it must have been for the others, because I had come down to see it in the first few weeks we were back. I went down with Joe to look at shelves or something. Well to tell you the truth, the others didn’t really have quite the enormous thrill I may have indicated either. It is just Ikea after all.

Don’t get me wrong though, Ikea is rather great. It is probably somewhere I imagine we will be buying all sorts of stuff from in the future. What is rather impressive about it though, is that all the stores, within some small margin, are rather identical. Plus I really like their meatballs and their coffee is good. Not to mention the fact that they stock all kinds of cool northern European snacks and Diam Chocolate!

So we wandered and wondered at the sameness of it all. We bought a small present for a friends two year old whose birthday we were going to on the weekend. We bought a small, ceramic, kids crockery set (very cute, we have one for our own guys). Then we had some food at their restaurant, got some snacks to go (and I got a one dollar hotdog!!) and then we headed home.

Rain, chill and grey. Airports and Ikea. Hmm, I really do miss Scotland!