Where has the time gone

Well it's been ages since my last post so I haven't mindlessly babbled for quite a while. But it's not from a lack of things going on to blog about. It's because I've been busy, yes, busy. I'm currently now looking for work and that does take up quite a bit of time.  I think … Continue reading Where has the time gone


High Speed

Well not quite. Today I had my ADSL starter pack delivered and plugged it in. My account is all set up and it's worked right off the bat. I'm in the high speed nirvana that only a serial dial up user can get from a 512K connection. It might not be as fast as my … Continue reading High Speed

In Waiting

Well the application for my phone and broadband seem to be going well. I've got on-line account access on their site and our phone has already been switched after a nice call this morning. ADSL, however, may take a bit longer. I received an email yesterday telling me that my application was being processed and … Continue reading In Waiting

Kicking the habit

Well it's finally happened. I've applied for my first ever home broadband connection. Yes, I'm going ADSL. I applied earlier this morning with AAPT. I've gone through their sign up process and hopefully should have confirmation sometime during the week. I'm taking the plunge at this time, because I've finally gotten fed up with my … Continue reading Kicking the habit

A farewell and a re-acquaintance

Today we got up early and to head off to Adelaide airport. No, no, we weren't getting onto a plane ourselves, though it was tempting. We were there to see my Mum off on her three month world tour. Yes indeed, she is going round the world in probably just a bit more than eighty … Continue reading A farewell and a re-acquaintance