HTML safe and escaped text in a rails view

In my skilling up in Rails application I was wanting to add in the feature to allow a user’s comment/post, if it contained a URL, to make that URL clickable. A fairly simple change but one with a bit of a trick on Rails as it turns out. Continue reading “HTML safe and escaped text in a rails view”

Going live with my test application

I’ve been building a sample web site/application in Ruby on Rails.  I’ve been following the, what I think is, rather excellent tutorial by Micheal Hartl.  I’ve finished the base tutorial and am now looking to expand the site with some improvements and fixes I think it needs and then use it as a base to fork into other projects.

I’ve deployed a test version on the Heroku cloud platform here:

I’ve also got a project repository with project tracking on bit-bucket here:

Anyone who wants to have a look, give it a try, and send back some feedback is welcome to.