If people were programming languages

I took a daft on-line quiz on BBSpot. I don't really know anything much about the site, but it seemed something to do to waste 5 minutes of my life. The quiz was working out what programming language I was. I think the results speak for themselves: Which Programming Language are You? Yep, that's right, … Continue reading If people were programming languages


My dark half

I just noticed that the super hero test has a matching super villain test. Well taking that seems to show that I don't match the villains as well as I match the heroes (well that makes sense to me). But the villain I match closest too is quite cool in my opinion. That's right, under … Continue reading My dark half

Dag nabbit, I’m Spider Man

Well it looks pretty authoritative. I've just taken a personality test and it seems that I am Spider Man. I was having a look on the blog of somebody who lives in Germany, a man who clicked on my SkypeMe button on my old blog and called me by accident, and found that he had … Continue reading Dag nabbit, I’m Spider Man