Psychos and code

I was researching a programming issue today and came across this fantastic quote from a usenet post in 1991, still good advice today:

“Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.  Code for readability.”
– John F Woods

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New site look

Ah bugger.  I was playing with the wordpress app on my phone on the way home and I accidentally set a random theme on this site.  This overwrote the theme I’d customised for my site and now I’ve just got a default theme.  Dang.  Well I was thinking of revising my layout anyway.  So for the next little while the site will probably flux till I get it in order.

If people were programming languages … again

Well that’s weird. I took a quiz back in 2009 and was personality matched to the programming language COBOL (old and stodgy but reliable).  I came across the link and had another go and this time I got:

You are PHP. You enjoy the World Wide Web. You are constantly changing the way you do things, and this tends to confuse people who work with you.
Which Programming Language are You?

And what’s wierd is that I’m currently working in PHP. Ain’t that funny?

Source: If people were programming languages

Returning to the blog space

After a lengthy period trying to just keep up with my life, family, work and social media. I’ve decided to come back to my blog and start writing what I should have been writing in the first place, regular thoughts and actual articles on things I’m doing.  Partly this is due to the transient nature of things like facebook where updates and thoughts get lost in the feed.  Signal to noise ratio is quite high too.  I’ll also be starting up at least one more blog and a web based software company.  The company will be a small startup with minimal resource allocation to try marketing a few web applications I’ve been thinking of.

Final post from “The Laziness of Paradise”?

The following text was found in the deserted ruins of town, out in the desert.  It looked like it was attacked, overrun.  There was nothing left of the occupants of the town but gnawed bones.  The note was found in the a dwelling in the middle of the town, much more fortified than the rest.  It tells a horrible tale…

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A short play

Author: Me

Scene: Lounge room near bottom of stairs, night time. Little boy approaches with small ball in hand.

Boy: I’m putting ball upstairs.
Me: No, you need to finish your milk so you can go to bed.
Boy: Nooo, I’m putting ball upstairs.
Me: No, go drink your milk!
Boy: No, go do you work!

Based on a true story.

Conroy shames Google??

I was just looking at the news this morning and came across the article in the Australian on Google stopping censoring in China. I can’t help but wonder if this might have had something to do with Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy’s admiration for Google’s censoring efforts.

There is no Ratio Descendi here.


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