I use vim as my preferred text editor whenever I can, which as of 2015 has not been so much in the last five years or so.  Due to fitting in with the development teams I’m part of I’ve been using Visual Studio and PHPStorm as development platforms.  These are fine IDEs and have some very nice features in terms of code completion, refactoring tools and development visualising, but I have been missing quite a bit of what makes vim special.

The editing and movement commands of vim I feel just can’t be replaced and I found that the vim modes in both the editors feel kinda broken.  I probably just didn’t learn enough of the keyboard shortcuts of the IDEs and customise the pairs to use the benefits of both IDE and vimism.

My configuration

As with most vim users above beginner I used to have my customised vimrc file.  Since being off vim for a while and changing machines a couple of times, I now can’t find where I had stored my previously developed vimrc file so I’m building a new one.  Also in common with many other developers I’ve made a github repo to store it so next time I need to find it I’ll know exactly where it is.  So if you are interested to see what’s in it and how it develops,  you can find it there.