A farewell and a re-acquaintance

Today we got up early and to head off to Adelaide airport. No, no, we weren't getting onto a plane ourselves, though it was tempting. We were there to see my Mum off on her three month world tour. Yes indeed, she is going round the world in probably just a bit more than eighty … Continue reading A farewell and a re-acquaintance


Pleasant wanderings

Yesterday was a nice day. Since it was pay day, a glorious day when you're on a lower income, we went into town and bought a fresh juice from Boost Juice (we're VIP members) then we went to an appointment for Annmarie and then off to Glenelg. Glenelg is a nice beach spot in Adelaide … Continue reading Pleasant wanderings

A Monday morning

Well it's Monday morning and I'm back in the internet cafe and doing the job application dance. Still not much in the way of positive responses yet though. I've sent off my application for the antiquities transportation job with a better than usual cover letter so hopefully that should perk up some interest. The weekend … Continue reading A Monday morning

Thank God it’s Friday

Well, normally one would say such things after a long hard week of work. For me it's been a mix of job seeking and sight seeing so that is probably not quite appropriate. The last couple of days have been mostly job seeking. The bakery job sounds very interesting. It's really more of a café … Continue reading Thank God it’s Friday

Solemn post

The last couple of days were not so interesting except for a trip to le cimetiere du pere lachaise. For anyone who doesn't know it, this is supposed to be one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. It has a strange collection of residents, including people like George Haussmann (the architect that designed … Continue reading Solemn post