J’ai passé un examen français

Oui, c'est vrai. Il y a quatre jours, samedi matin, j'ai pris mon examen de français à Wayville Showgrounds. Je pense que j’ai fait bien. Ce n’était pas trop difficile pour moi et je suis très heureux que ce soit fini. Plutôt la semaine prochaine, mercredi, j’ai pris mon examen oral de français. C’était un … Continue reading J’ai passé un examen français


Ooops, better post again – part 2

Right. Still haven't gotten back to regular posting. Bad blogger and all that. Still studying and as I started my semester a couple of weeks late—plus having some reading heavy subjects, such as Law and Database Systems—means I've been playing catch up all semester. Added to the fact that we are still trying to find … Continue reading Ooops, better post again – part 2

Ooops, better post again

Well, it's been months since I've posted anything onto my blog. Very bad form on my part, soon to be rectified. Alot has happened in the past several months, not least a return from Paris to Adelaide. I've also returned to full time study and renamed my blog. Anyway, I'll get back to regular posting … Continue reading Ooops, better post again