J’ai passé un examen français

Oui, c’est vrai. Il y a quatre jours, samedi matin, j’ai pris mon examen de français à Wayville Showgrounds. Je pense que j’ai fait bien. Ce n’était pas trop difficile pour moi et je suis très heureux que ce soit fini.

Plutôt la semaine prochaine, mercredi, j’ai pris mon examen oral de français. C’était un peu plus difficile. Cet oral est un dialogue entre deux étudiants qui peuvent l’écrire et le pratiquent avant l’examen. Mais, parce que il y a un nombre impair d’étudiants dans ma classe, j’ai choisi de passer mon oral avec mon professeur seul. Je ne l’ai pas écrit et ne l’ai pas pratiqué. Ainsi, l’oral était plus difficile que pour les autres étudiants. J’ai dû improviser l’exercice et c’était une expérience angoissante. Mais je pense que j’ai fait assez bien aussi. J’attends mon résulte avec plaisir anticipé.

And in that other language:

Four days ago, Saturday morning, I took my exam for French. I think I did rather well. The test wasn’t very difficult for my level and I’m pretty happy that it’s done. I also just looked up what a subjunctive is for that last sentence in French to find out that I needed ce soit in place of c’est after the que. That’s interesting.

Earlier last week, Wednesday, I had my oral exam for French. That was a bit more nerve racking than the written exam. This oral is a dialog between two students who can pre-write and practice it before the exam. But as there are an odd number of students in my class, I chose to take my oral just with the teacher. So I did not have to opportunity to pre-write or practice, making the test harder than for the other students. I had to improvise the whole test as I only had a sheet of vague notes of what I was going to talk about that I handed to the teacher just before we started. However, I think that I did rather well for that one also. I’m waiting for the results to be rather good, I hope.

Ooops, better post again – part 2

Right. Still haven’t gotten back to regular posting. Bad blogger and all that. Still studying and as I started my semester a couple of weeks late—plus having some reading heavy subjects, such as Law and Database Systems—means I’ve been playing catch up all semester. Added to the fact that we are still trying to find somewhere to rent has meant not much time for some things.

Anyway, more posting and catch up soon, I promise. Unless I get to exam time, in which case there may be a longer pause.

Ooops, better post again

Well, it’s been months since I’ve posted anything onto my blog. Very bad form on my part, soon to be rectified. Alot has happened in the past several months, not least a return from Paris to Adelaide. I’ve also returned to full time study and renamed my blog. Anyway, I’ll get back to regular posting and such soon and also get started with filling in the blanks and tell the missing tales from the European adventure.

Cheers, talk to you soon!