King of Hamstead Heath ?

I was looking through the Times Online site and found a wonderful article. It seems that a rather pricey piece of land in the middle of London, part of Hampstead Heath no less, has been given to a vagrant that squatted there for almost 20 years. I think that's rather wonderful. A developer was trying … Continue reading King of Hamstead Heath ?


A farewell and a re-acquaintance

Today we got up early and to head off to Adelaide airport. No, no, we weren't getting onto a plane ourselves, though it was tempting. We were there to see my Mum off on her three month world tour. Yes indeed, she is going round the world in probably just a bit more than eighty … Continue reading A farewell and a re-acquaintance

The journey south : Part I

Well we're off. We have left Glasgow on another bold venture, this time targeted at the pays du dieu. Right now I am sitting by the window of our Travelodge room typing this post out into OpenOffice since the only Internet connection is wireless and I haven't got a wireless adapter on this laptop. Speaking … Continue reading The journey south : Part I

Very late night; very early morning

It's very late and I am up putting the finishing touches on our packing for the train. It's been a lot of hard work getting ready and now we are as ready as ever for leaving. It will be sad to see Glasgow go, but a new adventure is opening up for us. Next time … Continue reading Very late night; very early morning

Early morning packing

It's 6:30 am and I'm just setting off to Tesco to buy some fruit for breakfast. Our big fridge has been turned off and dried out for storage so we don't have much room for anything in the small fridge in the flat. Our stuff in mostly packed up and ready to be collected by … Continue reading Early morning packing