Douche done

So it is now two nasal douches and an episode of Firefly later. I must say that I do feel much better now that it’s done. Wasn’t the most elegant or pleasant procedure I’ve ever done, but much less uncomfortable than I was expecting. I’m still not perfect but I feel that tomorrow I may be doing much better. However, now my mucus tastes like salt, kinda like I’ve been swimming down at the beach.

Desperate measures

Well, my cold (and possible sinusitis) has been getting gradually better. Unfortunately it’s been getting better in that way that shows you just how bad it really had gotten by the fact that you feel so much better, but then you realise that you’ve still got so far to go to being normal.

As such I am now moving into the realm of advanced techniques in the nasal/sinus/mucus realm. I am preparing to administer a nasal douche to myself. For those who don’t know, it’s basically pouring lukewarm salty water through the nasal passage (either one nostril to the other or nostril then out the mouth) in order to clean it up. Really helps blast out the mucus I hear.

Anyway if I don’t make it through this procedure, Annmarie will provide a post-mortem debriefing of the event.

Wish me luck!