Yes, we’re not dead yet….

As Heather has pointed out to me (thanks Heather :-), It has been quite a long time since my last entry into the blog, but something has happened that has made writing much easier. We have bought a laptop for use in the UK for both my and Annmarie’s studying and for doing other things … Continue reading Yes, we’re not dead yet….


Greetings from Zurich

Hello all. I've finally managed to get to another web terminal to make another update. We have left Tokyo (to much dissapointment by all) and are now in Zurich. It's a pity that I haven't been able to write more in this journal, but who would have thought that traveling through and about foreign cities … Continue reading Greetings from Zurich

Greetings from Tokyo

Hello to everyone back home in Australia (and to those ahead in Europe). Tokyo is fantastic, and language barriers aside, myself and Annmarie have been wondering if we may have chosen the wrong city to live in for a year. In any case, we are already planning to save up to stay here for a … Continue reading Greetings from Tokyo