Not gone yet

Well, it's been months since I last wrote to my blog and much has happened. I'm just getting ready for a new academic year so not much time to post up everything that has been happening. If anyone does still read this blog, we are planning to get dialup again soon so we can have … Continue reading Not gone yet


A slight delay

Well, today was fun. Sorta. We were all ready to move into the new house. We had packed up our stuff (clothes, kitchen-ware, food - the stuff that was out and being used during our temporary stay), 0rganised some the boxes of stored effects ready to be moved, reserved a rental trailer (a pretty huge … Continue reading A slight delay

A longer post

Well, it certainly is easier to type on a familiar keyboard. My last post took an awfully long time to write so I didn't get much time to talk about what had gone on over the weekend. The move was rather hectic. Basically I managed to not rent a car for the day, meaning we … Continue reading A longer post

Moving again

For the second time in two months we are moving again. This time to something a bit less nice but a bit cheaper. Still very expensive as this is temporary accommodation in Paris but cheaper than where we are now. This will be the second month in Paris and if things don't work out we … Continue reading Moving again

Early morning packing

It's 6:30 am and I'm just setting off to Tesco to buy some fruit for breakfast. Our big fridge has been turned off and dried out for storage so we don't have much room for anything in the small fridge in the flat. Our stuff in mostly packed up and ready to be collected by … Continue reading Early morning packing