Not gone yet

Well, it’s been months since I last wrote to my blog and much has happened. I’m just getting ready for a new academic year so not much time to post up everything that has been happening. If anyone does still read this blog, we are planning to get dialup again soon so we can have some small level of connection to the world, then I promise I’ll start posting again.

A slight delay

Well, today was fun. Sorta. We were all ready to move into the new house. We had packed up our stuff (clothes, kitchen-ware, food – the stuff that was out and being used during our temporary stay), 0rganised some the boxes of stored effects ready to be moved, reserved a rental trailer (a pretty huge one at that) and generally got ready to go. I went down to the real estate agent’s office to settle our deposits and collect the keys.

Just before getting there I called Annmarie to let her know that I was just about there when I was informed that there was a problem and we wouldn’t be able to move in for another three weeks. Luckily Annmarie had been able to cancel the trailer without any problems and she was on her way into town. We went to see the Agent and he told us that although the property had been advertised with a set move in date, the tenants actually had a lease till the end of October. It seems they had elected to move out sooner, but something must have gone wrong with their plans and they couldn’t get out earlier. So we agreed to push back our acquisition till the 31st.

It’s quite annoying as we spent some time getting stuff ready and the preparation was quite an interruption to my studies, but I imagine that if I were in their position I would appreciate being given the extra time to find somewhere to go myself. At least we know we have this place when it does come available and we don’t have to worry about the looking any more. We just have to put the boxes back away for a while.

A longer post

Well, it certainly is easier to type on a familiar keyboard. My last post took an awfully long time to write so I didn’t get much time to talk about what had gone on over the weekend.

The move was rather hectic. Basically I managed to not rent a car for the day, meaning we had no transport to move our stuff out of the flat and into the new one. Luckily we managed to find a ““man with a van”” at short notice. He was a really nice guy from Shrilanka and we had a good chat on the way over. Being short notice, we could only get him at the last minute so there wasn’t much time to co-ordinate switching over.

He didn’t help with lifting the bags (he had an injury that prevented it, he told me that if we had needed that, he would have brought someone else) so I had to rush up and down the stairs hefting the bags down. This was made especially fun by the fact that there was painting work going on in the stairwell of the apartment, so there was dust and painting equipment everywhere.

Hefting the bags past all this was a rather difficult task. I spent most of it on the verge of plunging down the stairs. The weight of the bags didn’t help either. Annmarie and I have both agreed that next time we travel, we really need to lower the amount of stuff we bring with us.

Unfortunately due to the lack of time, after loading up the van and driving over to the new flat there was still quite a bit of stuff still back at the first flat. I knew there was some still there, but I didn’t realise quite how much. So the final inspection ran through with no immediate worries (that may appear when I get the final notice from the rental company) but then I, having gone on my own to return the keys, was stuck with rather too much luggage to carry around. I met up with Annmarie and we made our way back to the new flat.

After that, we didn’t really have much energy for doing much else, so we just wandered round looking for dinner, which we eventually had in a Quick burger restaurant. They are a local French company that runs a MacDonalds’esque burger chain. Not too bad, better for salads and they have a nice fish burger.

The next day we didn’t really feel like doing much at all. We just planned to go out and get some groceries to stock up on for the week. While wandering around we thought we’d hang out in a park for a bit. Unfortunately all the parks had been locked up. We didn’t think this was usual Saturday behaviour in Paris so when we spotted a caretaker in one of the parks, I asked why the park was closed. This went kinda along the lines of:

“Pardon monsieur, le parc est ferme?”

“Oui, tout est ferme aujourd’hui.”

“Pourquoi monsieur?”

“Parce-que (something something something) trop vent.”

… (me thinking) “Ah, vent. D’accord, merci monsieur.”

So I got that it was too windy. Didn’t understand most of the rest of that sentence, but the end bit was enough. So we had the picnic lunch we had bought on a bench just outside a park and then wandered round a bit more till we found a little supermarche.

The Sunday was rather interesting too, but I’ll write about that later, and post pictures. I’ve been writing more job application emails at the moment, and I’m a bit out of time. I also have a hair cut appointment to get to. Tomorrow we are hoping to get to the Musee d’Orsay to see an exhibition of Cezanne and Pissarro. I’ve messed up a couple of our attempts (including today) so we have to make an extra effort tomorrow as the exhibition ends this week.

Moving again

For the second time in two months we are moving again. This time to something a bit less nice but a bit cheaper. Still very expensive as this is temporary accommodation in Paris but cheaper than where we are now. This will be the second month in Paris and if things don’t work out we will more than likely move back to Australia. However we are still confident that something will work out. I have two good options at the moment, both being telephone type positions. One is for a start up company as a business to business salesman (not too sure about that one) and the other is a telephone interviewer for a survey and research company. I actually quite like the idea of the second one, so I really hope that I hear back favourably from them.

One big problem of the new flat though is that at the moment, it looks like the place doesn’t have a phone. Not having internet access is fine, I was mostly expecting that when we first came. The fact that this place had ADSL thrown in was a nice surprise. However, without a phone, we can’t get any kind of dialup internet and nor can we keep in contact with people by phone except by mobiles, which internationally is very expensive.

I’ve been told that the landlord may be able to get a phone put on for us for the month, so we’ll see how that works out, otherwise the agent says we may be able to change to somewhere else. This flat isn’t in an ideal place entirely, it’s out in the 20th arrondesment, quite out the way. However it is right next to a park, which is useful, and is of course right on a metro line, as everywhere in Paris is. I’d rather not have to move again, but we need to be out of here tomorrow so we’ll see how things go.

Early morning packing

It’s 6:30 am and I’m just setting off to Tesco to buy some fruit for breakfast. Our big fridge has been turned off and dried out for storage so we don’t have much room for anything in the small fridge in the flat.

Our stuff in mostly packed up and ready to be collected by a removal company called Crown Relocations, who are part of a larger logistics company, I think. They seemed to be the cheapest and the most professional, as they use their larger logistics framework to keep the costs down. And they can deliver worldwide, so Peter, if you read this and I forget to mention them, give them a look if you do move to the states.

Well it’s now 6:40, so I’d better get going. We’re having an early breakfast because the moving people could be coming early this morning and we have to finish sealing some boxes and a couple of other little packing things.