Kicking the habit

Well it’s finally happened. I’ve applied for my first ever home broadband connection. Yes, I’m going ADSL. I applied earlier this morning with AAPT. I’ve gone through their sign up process and hopefully should have confirmation sometime during the week. I’m taking the plunge at this time, because I’ve finally gotten fed up with my dial up Internet provider. I won’t mention who it is because I’m not that kind of person and to be honest, I should have guessed they would be like this. I went for the cheapest plan I could find and got the cheapest product.

This time however, I’m going for flexibility. AAPT is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive. I’ve gone for a mix of affordability and performance and just so long as the service is good (and I didn’t find anything on-line to say that it will not be) I should be happy. Otherwise, they have their connections at good rates with no contract, so if I find I need to bail out, it shouldn’t be a pain.

So now I’m just looking forward to approval, delivery of my ADSL modem and then that fabled first connection.


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