Where has the time gone

Well it’s been ages since my last post so I haven’t mindlessly babbled for quite a while. But it’s not from a lack of things going on to blog about. It’s because I’ve been busy, yes, busy. I’m currently now looking for work and that does take up quite a bit of time.  I think I have something that may work out, but I’ll just have to see.

I also just recently killed off my Windows system when I was trying to try out Mandriva 2008.  It’s not the installer’s fault, it was mine really.  I’m not all that worried though. I’ve been thinking of switching back to Linux again and the current Linux system seem very slick now so I think I’ll stick with it for a while and see how things go.  I’m also trying to teach myself C++ (a programming language) at the moment so using Linux seems to match that well in my mind.

Just now I’m off on a long trek up to Magil to buy mik and cream so it’s a long bus ride with nothing to do but to read Accelerated C++.


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