High Speed

Well not quite. Today I had my ADSL starter pack delivered and plugged it in. My account is all set up and it’s worked right off the bat. I’m in the high speed nirvana that only a serial dial up user can get from a 512K connection. It might not be as fast as my brothers, nor of most of the state if the speed test site is to be believed, but for me, it’s a huge step up the connectivity ladder. No more waiting endlessly for simple pages to download and no more having to hit the 52K link for news videos and lamenting only getting five seconds of motion before it freezes into a picture over audio experience.

Anyway, I seem to be babbling now and so I think I will head off and enjoy my upgrade for a bit and post back when something more interesting to people who are not me presents itself. Now also this will mean I can post more pictures. Hazzar !

[Pointless anecdote: I just noticed that babbling and blabbing are the same word, but one has a lazy ‘L’ ]


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