My standing workspaces

I've been a fan of the standing workspace for some time now having started trying out standing arrangements in late 2012.  After reading about the idea off and on for a couple of years before I was finally convinced to give it a try myself when I read this article. I've found a lot of benefits from … Continue reading My standing workspaces


Going live with my test application

I've been building a sample web site/application in Ruby on Rails.  I've been following the, what I think is, rather excellent tutorial by Micheal Hartl.  I've finished the base tutorial and am now looking to expand the site with some improvements and fixes I think it needs and then use it as a base to … Continue reading Going live with my test application

Psychos and code

I was researching a programming issue today and came across this fantastic quote from a usenet post in 1991, still good advice today: “Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaining your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.  Code for readability.” - John F Woods For those who may … Continue reading Psychos and code

If people were programming languages … again

Well that's weird. I took a quiz back in 2009 and was personality matched to the programming language COBOL (old and stodgy but reliable).  I came across the link and had another go and this time I got: Which Programming Language are You? And what's wierd is that I'm currently working in PHP. Ain't that … Continue reading If people were programming languages … again

Returning to the blog space

After a lengthy period trying to just keep up with my life, family, work and social media. I've decided to come back to my blog and start writing what I should have been writing in the first place, regular thoughts and actual articles on things I'm doing.  Partly this is due to the transient nature … Continue reading Returning to the blog space