Is scribe fire the answer?

Last post, I pondered if Scribe Fire’s easy convenience could improve my blogging record.  Has it?  Well … no.  Though in fairness the reason for this is that I have hardly been turning my computer on to use it in the evenings any more.  I think it’s that I’ve finally got a real job doing real IT programming work and this strange need I had to be a computer kinda person has been fulfilled.  I’ve actually written code, used makefiles, used a version control system and a bug tracker.  So now I’m kinda fulfilled.  I used to have this strange desire to read tech blogs and websites and to follow development lists and scour the internet for programmer techie talk, but now I’m kinda happy to just let it be.  I’ve been doing my techie work at work and I’m happy with that now.  Seems kinda odd, Annmarie now uses the internet more than I do, for homeschooling, as there is lots to look up and read up on.  I still use the internet to read some stuff some times, but I don’t have any obsession over it any more.  I feel oddly peaceful over this whole situation.

This does though mean that I’m not on very often to blog anymore, so once more, I’ve not been posting much.


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