Saturday, and a pizza that could only be made in Australia

Well, maybe not only, but it’s not surprising that it’s here. But first Saturday.

Saturday started with an early morning, breakfast and study. Lots of study. Well mostly lots of study. I also wasted some time by making food for myself and the kids, and eating. I may also have tidied up and possibly washed dishes. I’m quite sure I didn’t fix anything. I think I did also fix up some gaps in my cross posting between my WordPress and Blogger blogs. I’m keeping them parallel for the moment as I did, and still do, quite like Blogger overall and the new updated Blogger is also quite nice, but the ability to make stand alone pages on WordPress is a bit too appealing I think and I might have to make the transfer permanent and complete. There are a couple of things I want to add to the WordPress blog, but it might require a template change so it could take a while.

So the morning was full of activity and by the time midday rolled around, I was quite ready for a change of pace. So we had some lunch and then headed off into the city to go to the Central Markets and get our big burst of groceries for most of the next week. We’ve been doing this most weeks since we got to Unley. We’ve also been going to the farmers market at the Wayville Showgrounds but we often need the big shop a bit before. Also, we’ve been hitting the trestles at the end of some of the days at the Central Markets when the traders clear out stuff they don’t want to store while the market is closed, so you can get some good bargains on the basics, very handy for the budgetly inhibited. It’s also right next to, and slightly overlaps, Chinatown in Adelaide, so there is that great bustly Asian feel about it.

Before hitting the afore mentioned trestles, we went to one of the best little shops in the whole market, Nana’s Bakery. This is a great little spot on the border between the markets and Chinatown. They sell these fantastic little brioche styled sweet breads with lots of different fillings. There are sweet ones, savoury ones, vegetarian and meat ones. The steady favourite for us seems to be the hot dog ones which have a little frankfurter inside them. The coconut custard ones with the crunchy tops are good too (well actually all the flavours are great). There is a shop that’s opened recently that might just be a bit of competition though. They were originally just a stand but have now rented an eatery shop. They make these odd little coconuty waffle kinda things that are smooth disks that can be filled with custard or red bean paste or now cheese. They’re a bit cheaper than the nanas buns are are almost always hot and fresh. They seem to make them in a giant engine block. Anyway, today we had a nice mix of nanas buns and these, yummy disk things.

So, buns in tums, we ran the trestle gamut and stocked up heavily, then carried our rather weighty bags to the T-Bar a rather funky shop that sells lots of types of herbal teas (so hopefully you’ve worked out what their name means). So we ordered some tea, Annmarie had a special blend with cinnamon in it and I had an earl grey, and the kids had an iced tea (they do really good iced tea). We talked about stuff for a while and finally went home, catching the tram part way there.

The rest of the evening was trying to do more study then getting dinner. Since we had recently been temporarily brainwashed by a Domino’s flyer I had been very curious to try their strange new pizza creation. Since we hadn’t had their pizza for ages, and after getting pizza fever from the weekend, I decided to give it try. I phoned, they answered, I ordered, they delivered. But what did they deliver?

Evil Aussie Meat Pie PizzaThey delivered a strange concoction like no other I know of in the pizza world. The meat pie pizza. That’s right, you heard me correctly, the meat pie pizza. Only in Australia could they produce such a strange object such as this. Well maybe in Japan actually, home of the squid ink pizza.  Or perhaps Scotland, home of the deep fried pizza, and yes, I’ve seen that one come out of the oil at a chippie by the Glasgow Central railway station called The Blue Lagoon, didn’t eat it, but saw it.  They also do deep fried pies, on buttered rolls.

As for the Aussie meat pie pizza, the principle alone is off-putting, but the fact that they made it makes me wonder if it tastes nice. We normally only buy organic meat if at all and only eat meat very occasionally, but sometimes things must be done and sacrifices made.  It actually didn’t taste all that bad, as you’d hope or they wouldn’t really sell that many.  It definitely felt rather artery hardening as it went down, but overall not too unappealing.  It helped a lot to have eaten a large salad before hand though.

Anyway, it’s late, I should study and then get to bed.  Cya.


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