Pleasant wanderings

Yesterday was a nice day. Since it was pay day, a glorious day when you’re on a lower income, we went into town and bought a fresh juice from Boost Juice (we’re VIP members) then we went to an appointment for Annmarie and then off to Glenelg. Glenelg is a nice beach spot in Adelaide that I think I’ve mentioned before.

We then went and had lunch at my Mum’s house. I made some home made a couple of pizzas using pre-made organic dough from a company called Riviera which we bought from a local supermarket. I must humbly say that the pizzas were rather fantastic, especially now that we’ve learned that ideally the dough should be left to rise before use, something they should probably put on the label (and which hopefully they haven’t and I just didn’t notice it, which would make this statement rather embarrassing for me).

We had a nice lunch out under mum’s back pergola and chatted about her upcoming trip to Paris and Parisian markets. She has bought a rather good book on it called Paris in a Basket. This lists by arrondissement many of the better street and covered markets both food and flea. We had a look through it and found the markets we had visited while we were there.

After lunch we went for a walk down to the beach and on the way we stopped at our favourite organic shop in Adelaide, The Organik Store on Broadway. The people there are always really nice and friendly and they have good range of organic products. A lot of it is imported so it can be a bit pricy, but the products they stock are very good so usually if we can afford it, it’s worth it. We picked up some of the essentials we had run out of and continued down the beach and back to Glenelg.

Mosley Square in Glenelg at sunset.At Glenelg we stopped off at a cafe (Cibo of course, where else would one go) and had a coffee while the sun set over Mosley Square. You can see a photo of it over on the right. The photo is from the Cibo tables looking back over the square back towards the beach.  Very nice day. Now back to study…


2 thoughts on “Pleasant wanderings

  1. Ah, if only it were so. We simply must make as good a use of the simple solaces at hand while we can. I was just having a look at some photos put up on flickr by my brother Paul from his trip to Belgium in May last year, and getting all wistful and teary eyed for Europe again.


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