A slight delay

Well, today was fun. Sorta. We were all ready to move into the new house. We had packed up our stuff (clothes, kitchen-ware, food – the stuff that was out and being used during our temporary stay), 0rganised some the boxes of stored effects ready to be moved, reserved a rental trailer (a pretty huge one at that) and generally got ready to go. I went down to the real estate agent’s office to settle our deposits and collect the keys.

Just before getting there I called Annmarie to let her know that I was just about there when I was informed that there was a problem and we wouldn’t be able to move in for another three weeks. Luckily Annmarie had been able to cancel the trailer without any problems and she was on her way into town. We went to see the Agent and he told us that although the property had been advertised with a set move in date, the tenants actually had a lease till the end of October. It seems they had elected to move out sooner, but something must have gone wrong with their plans and they couldn’t get out earlier. So we agreed to push back our acquisition till the 31st.

It’s quite annoying as we spent some time getting stuff ready and the preparation was quite an interruption to my studies, but I imagine that if I were in their position I would appreciate being given the extra time to find somewhere to go myself. At least we know we have this place when it does come available and we don’t have to worry about the looking any more. We just have to put the boxes back away for a while.


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