Final destination for now

Well, after too long a search (almost 4-months), we have found somewhere to rent. This has been a rather difficult thing to find as we are a low income family since I am now a full-time student, but we have found a two bedroom flat in roughly the area we were hoping for. It’s very close to the city so we can easily walk there and back, there are an abundance of shops and restaurants around and we are in walking distance of the Adelaide Alliance Française and the Glenelg tram. Glenelg is a rather nice beach spot that we like and my Mum lives very near by to the Glenelg stop. The Glenelg tram route also runs very regularly compared to bus services so it’s actually quite handy. Another handy part of being near the city is that my University is located in the city also, so I’ll be able to walk to and from Uni very easily. Overall it seems to be an ideal spot. The place is quite nice too. It’s a cosy two floor, two bedroom town house in a group of five. It has it’s own small yard (both front and back) and it’s reasonably modern.

It’ll be good getting back to living in a permanent housing arrangement. We’ve spent a bit too long living in cramped quarters. The Paris flats were are very small and since getting back and staying with my Mum and brother we are all squashed in too much. So having our own space will be good and I’m sure Mum will appreciate getting her house back.

I’d like to add more on about what’s going on, but as Annmarie has just pointed out, I need to get on to my studies as I have assignments that need to be completed very soon.


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