Thank God it’s Friday

Well, normally one would say such things after a long hard week of work. For me it’s been a mix of job seeking and sight seeing so that is probably not quite appropriate. The last couple of days have been mostly job seeking.

The bakery job sounds very interesting. It’s really more of a café kind of kitchen than a real bakery. It sounds like it would get me lots of experience for running a real kitchen of my own, but unfortunately the pay is just too low. So I may have to pass on it.

I have uncovered another interesting job possibility though. It is an administrative position for a company that transports and delivers antiques and art works for collectors. They seem to offer a full service for art and antiquities collectors. They will do custom packaging and organise delivery world wide and will even arrange hotels and limousines for deluxe shopping trips for collectors. Working with them could be really interesting as I have quite a hobby interest in antiques.

Apart from that, we went to see the Musée de l’Orangerie and saw Monet’s wonderful paintings, Les Nymphéas which I believe the Musée was originally set up to house. These are truly amazing paintings and worth the cost to go in to see. The rest of the collection is not as impressive, though the Renoirs are very good. Orsay had better paintings, but was much more crowded.

Anyway, this is just a quick check in while checking email. Tomorrow we are going to try and get to Versailles and wander around the gardens as the weather will be nice, I think.


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