Solemn post

The last couple of days were not so interesting except for a trip to le cimetiere du pere lachaise. For anyone who doesn’t know it, this is supposed to be one of the most famous cemeteries in the world. It has a strange collection of residents, including people like George Haussmann (the architect that designed much of the beautiful buildings and boulevards of Paris, transforming it from a mediaeval maze into the grand city it is now), Camille Pissarro (the impressionist painter whose work we saw in the Musee d’Orsay), Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. Oscar Wilde’s grave was bizarre, it was covered in lipstick kisses.

Unfortunately they closed the cemetery to visitors just after we arrived so we only really saw Oscar Wilde and some war memorials. We also managed to walk right past Edith Piaf, oh well. The whole cemetery was stunning though. Many of the family memorials (or sepultures) were just incredible, some almost like little chapels.

We went off the day before and found a Carrefour that was over the motorway from us. This is supposed to be the ASDA or Tesco of France. They have some “hypermarchés” around that are bigger than the regular “supermarchés” you usually find. This one was just a supermarché. It was not bad, especially for us non-super kinda shoppers. We bought a few things including another kids book (this one was a kids picture book that teaches English names for common items) and a copy of the first Harry Potter in French. The copy of Harry Potter is kinda for the kids, but I though that it would also be useful for me to get a book that I knew the story and was written for a young audience. Could be good practice.

Apart from that, we’ve been mostly just doing our regular daily activities. So that’s home schooling for Annmarie and the kids and job seeking for me. I’ve got a couple of interesting possibilities at the moment.

One is in a tourist shop that is also a bureau de change. Doing bureau de change could be interesting for a while. The other is an English bakery and lunch time restaurant that does weekend brunches. They are looking for an assistant chef to help with the lunches and help make up the menus. Would be challenging to be sure, but could be interesting.

Annmarie has been musing over starting a natural/raw food kinda restaurant somewhere for a while now, so the bakery job could be an opportunity to get some commercial experience. I also have mused on getting a career in finance so the other job could be interesting too. Maybe not…

Anyway, gotta get on, make calls and get things moving.


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