Après la Fête de Mères

Yesterday was kinda nice. It was Mother’s Day here in France (Fête de Mères) and Annmarie slept in till midday. I tried to go out with the kids to do some shopping, but what I thought was a street food market was just a street trash and treasure kinda market. I called my Mum and our friend Luiza called us.

We headed out eventually and walked down to the Bastille. There was another market there, with much nicer stalls that the one down near us. We milled around there for a while, then headed off to our primary destination: gelatti!

We had seen a gelatti shop a few days before. It made up cones of gelatti in the shape of flowers, I believe I have mentioned it before. Annmarie wanted to go out and get one of these for Mother’s Day and I felt I shouldn’t argue. The gelatti was really nice.

Then we wandered back home and got some groceries en route. Just now, I’m going to go get a falafel for lunch and then call Annmarie to see what she is up to.


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