Moving again

For the second time in two months we are moving again. This time to something a bit less nice but a bit cheaper. Still very expensive as this is temporary accommodation in Paris but cheaper than where we are now. This will be the second month in Paris and if things don’t work out we will more than likely move back to Australia. However we are still confident that something will work out. I have two good options at the moment, both being telephone type positions. One is for a start up company as a business to business salesman (not too sure about that one) and the other is a telephone interviewer for a survey and research company. I actually quite like the idea of the second one, so I really hope that I hear back favourably from them.

One big problem of the new flat though is that at the moment, it looks like the place doesn’t have a phone. Not having internet access is fine, I was mostly expecting that when we first came. The fact that this place had ADSL thrown in was a nice surprise. However, without a phone, we can’t get any kind of dialup internet and nor can we keep in contact with people by phone except by mobiles, which internationally is very expensive.

I’ve been told that the landlord may be able to get a phone put on for us for the month, so we’ll see how that works out, otherwise the agent says we may be able to change to somewhere else. This flat isn’t in an ideal place entirely, it’s out in the 20th arrondesment, quite out the way. However it is right next to a park, which is useful, and is of course right on a metro line, as everywhere in Paris is. I’d rather not have to move again, but we need to be out of here tomorrow so we’ll see how things go.


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