Something to fill the gap a bit…

Well, I’m not in the mood to write a whole history of our trip up here just now, but I thought that I might pop up a few pictures that I have snapped while here. I haven’t really posted many pictures of Glasgow, but there seems to be something prompting me to do it here. What is it? Je ne sais pas!

The first image over on the right is of l’arc de triomphe with a rather patriotic French flag draped down the middle. This was quite an impressive sight and was up for the celebration of the fall of Germany and the end of WWII in Europe on the 8th of May.

This next one on the left is another monument adorned with flags pour le 8 Mai. This one is a gold statue of Jeanne d’Arc. As everyone should know who that is I won’t go into an explanation. The statues and the buildings in general are quite fabulous. It is one of those places that you can just wander about having a couple of coffees and just appreciate the city.

The last picture I’ll put up for now is the one at the bottom right. This is of a building that I didn’t know much about before arriving in Paris. It’s le Petit Palais. This is a beautiful old building that has been recently restored or cleaned or something and is just (re)opening as a museum. It really is a tremendously impressive frontage. Seeing things like this has really struck home the difference between seeing pictures of some things and seeing them for real. The size and grandeur of this building is rather lost when viewed as a photo. Even if you blew the picture up, it would just not be the same.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I have other things to do on the web, like look for work and flats, so I’ll leave it there and get back to it later. A bientôt tout le monde!


4 thoughts on “Something to fill the gap a bit…

  1. Oui, ca fait. It seemed to change over when I set France as my location in my user profile. Still, just so long as it doesn’t cause confusion and panic among my many readers, I think it’s rather cool too. I notice that your French seems much better than mine, maybe you should be up here looking for work instead of me 😉 .

    Also, if you come back to Paris while we are still here, let me know and we can meet up. If our place is big enough we might even be able to put you up, but you might get harassed by the kids, they seem to make instant best friends with any guests.


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