Almost ready to go

Well, it’s been a busy last few days. We have organised and confirmed accommodation, and have just about confirmed the movers, just have to get some contracts signed and back to them. We now have train tickets and accommodation to get us right through to Paris with hopefully no real problems and then there for a month. Now I just need to get a solid permanent job and then permanent accommodation.

Most of our stuff is now packed in boxes and ready for pick-up on Tuesday. We’ve cleared out the kitchen so it’s now just the stuff in the furnished flat left, but that will do till we go. It looks like I might not go into work tomorrow, but I will be in on Tuesday and Wednesday to run through things with the new guy who is replacing me. This is interesting, because the new guy is only just putting in his notice at his current work and so will not be joining Integria for a month. In the mean time I have indicated that I am available to do some project work from France if it is needed and I am given enough notice, so I might just get some extra work from them to keep us going.

Anyway, it’s getting late and I should be off to bed. G’nite all.


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