Heading back to healthy

Well Christmas is over and the New Year has arrived. I haven’t been in a fit state to enjoy the latter however. I’ve been rather sick as a matter of fact. It’s only been a cold as far as I know, not even the flu, no fever or anything like that, but it’s been the most viscous cold I’ve ever had. I’m guessing it’s just not like one of those Aussie colds but a real Glasgow cold. It’s absolutely floored me for ages, the worst has been for the last three days but it was quite bad for the three days before that. I won’t go into the details of how bad it’s been, but I’ll just say that it’s been bad enough that my sinuses have felt like they were on fire. Anyway, I’m starting to recover somewhat and it’s ebbing back to just a regular bad cold at the moment. I’m starting to be able to think anyway. It’s still keeping me from sleeping a bit, thus the late night post. Anyway, I’m hoping in a couple of days I’ll be well enough to get back into the swing of everything, at which point I’ll put up a proper account of Christmas.


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