Finishing the story after a shamefully long gap

Well well well. It’s been even longer since my last post than probably any time before (and at well over two and a half months, that’s probably an understatement). I believe that we last left our story on edge while in Henley on Thames. Much has happened since then, not least returning from Henley, which I should probably finish first before getting into the many other things that have happened since. It also has come to my mind that there have been no other photos of our grand voyage put up, something I should probably also remedy.

Before getting onto the many, many, many things we have done since my last post, I’ll finish where I was up to then. The day after my last post, we did indeed drive into Eton and Windsor. Both were, as I recall, quite lovely. Eton was quite lovely and very, err, well, not quite medieval but not really renaissance either. Somewhere between the two, but, as they say, steeped in history.

While in Eton, we visited Eton. That is, of course, the lovely little school they have there. It is quite the ultimate English private boys school (or is that private English boys school). It also is steeped in history and is housed in a really nice set of old-worldly buildings. Plus they seem to have a very good attitude towards the importance of education. Hmm, maybe a possible school for young Gabriel? Perhaps, perhaps.

Moving on from Eton, we visited Windsor, Annmarie and they guys for the second time, and me for the first. As could be expected, there was much activity getting ready for the royal wedding and there were a lot of police around. What we saw was very nice though. Windsor castle was indeed impressive.

While there a street artist was setting up (although in the railway station, so I’m not sure if that really makes her a street artist) and in order to help try to drum up customers offered to draw Willow. Willow of course was very flattered and accepted immediately.

Being so long ago now (I might have to start making notes methinks) I’ll run through the rest in summary. We got together with Paul and Joe for dinner, I think on the Saturday night before heading back, and had Japanese take away for dinner, and we also had a nice drive through more of the country side to get up to London, rather than go straight up the motorway. When we drove through the back streets we went through Maidenhead again. When Paul originally told us that he and Chloe where thinking of living there, then we met him there for dinner that night, I really didn’t see why you’d want to. We met in the middle of town near the railway station and it really was rather industrial and bleak. But on the second drive through, we came up the river and through and the areas along there were just beautiful.

The rest of the stay was pleasant and calming and we were really quite sorry to go. It was a fantastic stay, and I highly recommend the Milsom hotel, if you stay there, just say Willow recommended it. They might remember. Before we left we bought some chocolates somewhere and dropped them in on the nice ladies who helped us with Gabriel, I think they appreciated it. If your out there somewhere, thanks again.


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