Made it to Derby, just…

Well we’ve made it down on our first leg of the trip to Derby. We’ve got our little suite in the Stuart Hotel and everyone who isn’t an Internet addict is asleep in their beds. The trip down ended up being one of turmoil and tragedy.Getting down to Peugeot was fine, the car was waiting and ready (a nice 5 door 307 turbo diesel, bright blue, which Willow likes) and there was no issues getting going. I popped up to the library of Alliance Française to return some books and to borrow some more, then it was off back home to pick up the guys. The drive back across the city centre (the bit which would take me about 12 minutes to walk) took about 45 minutes to drive due to road works.

So we headed off quite late, then missed the turnoff to the M74, took a back round about route to get back onto the M74 and instantly hit road works. Once we got onto the smaller roads to Dumfries and Galloway, things got moving a bit better as we switched to a less used road with no works.

Halfway down, Gabriel decides to throw up in the back and we had to stop to clean it up (poor guy). Luckily the farm house that we stopped in front of had two lovely ladies that work as nurses in local nursing homes and they offered to help clean up and let the kids sit for a minute and look at their cats and sheep (I think Gabriel liked the sheep, but Willow preferred the cats). They were absolutely lovely and if we have time on the way back we might try to stop off and give them a present.

So we get to Dumfries very late and give up on going to the Galloway Ice-cream factory and cafe in Gatehouse of Fleet. Annmarie did find some of their ice-cream in the local Tesco so that was something. Now leaving Dumfries at about 4:30 we started the long road to Derby. The Derby trip was largely uneventful but after the late start, far too long, almost got lost around Stoke-on-Trent and ended up getting to the hotel at about 11:30 (meal breaks, toilet breaks and getting lost really add time to trip).

At the very least, I had lots of fun. And really that’s the important thing, kinda.


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