Heading south again

Well we’re off again. I only seem to write up something when we go somewhere. But then again, this is meant to be a travel journal.

It’s very late and I’m about to head off to bed because in the morning I’m off to pick up a car from Peugeot, a nice (hopefully diesel) 307. Once acquired, we will be driving down to Henley-on-Thames in England (it’s in Oxfordshire, just north of Reading for anyone who knows). We’re going a day early, and on the way down we are hoping to stop off in Galloway to get some ice-cream. Then it’s a night in Derby before heading off to Henley-on-Thames. The hotel in Henley look very nice, very swish.

I’m actually heading down to do some developer training at the Lexmark offices in Marlow. They are paying for the hotel and the car, which is nice, and Annmarie and the kids thought they’d come along too.

Anyway, it should be a nice time for all of us, and actually I wouldn’t mind spending the week strolling round a quiet English town, but someone’s gotta work.


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