Lantern walks, libraries and school fêtes

Well hello finally again. Once more it has been a deplorable length of time since I last updated this blog. Bad blogger, BAD blogger! But this time I actually have a semi decent excuse. I’ve been rather ill over the last couple of weeks, kinda off and on since Paul and Joe were here. I’ve also been working the whole time I’ve been ill since, as a fancy pants consultant I don’t get paid if I don’t work and the kids kinda seem to enjoy eating and Annmarie has a bit of an aversion to sleeping on the streets. So that’s meant that I haven’t gotten around to a lot of things, like blogging for instance.

Anyway, since I’m starting to really feel on the up (a good deal to do with finally starting to eat much better again, diets been slipping recently due to the Scottish influence) I thought that I’d blog again.

So the quick post. We’ve had quite a fun little week. On Thursday, Willow’s school had a lantern walk night. Some of the older classes made some puppets that were used as a puppet show and then the school went for a walk around the neighbourhood singing lantern songs (I think) which was nice.

Today (Saturday) has been quite fun too. Started off with Willow, Gabriel and I heading off early to local library , which is in the basement of one of the cities central galleries which sits in a public square called Royal Exchange Square and is surrounded by shops and cafés. Unfortunately I had seemed to have gotten the opening time wrong and so we turned up an hour early. Since it was freezing cold and nothing else of interest was really happening that we wanted to go to in the city we popped into Costa (a UK café chain) and had hot chocolate, coffee and croissant. Then we poked around the library and gallery for a bit (they have a corner where kids can draw and learn about art) then headed home.

In the afternoon we went up to Willow’s school which was having its fête today, which was also nice, if a bit small. Unfortunately I would have enjoyed it more had I not not gotten much sleep the night before and then followed that up with not eating properly in the morning before going (a coffee and a fragment of croissant doesn’t really go that far). But I ate at the fête and felt quite a bit better then.

Willow made a nice bag at one of the workshops and the kids both got their faces painted. Willow was a butterfly, and Gabriel wanted a green horse, but the painter didn’t know how to do horses so she did kinda a green puppy. Gabriel never noticed the difference and was quite happy, till Annmarie tried to clean it off the next morning…

After the fête we went to Patisserie Françoise and had cake and coffee again, then back home again. Well I’d better get to bed now as we have to go to two birthday parties tomorrow for kids from Willow’s school (which should be, interesting). G’nite.


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