End of August!!

Damn, once again it has been a whole month since my last post. Well I guess that I will eventually start posting more often. Anyway this weekend was quite an interesting one and so has prompted this update.

On Saturday, we headed off to Edinburgh to visit the festivals currently running there. We had not really got around to arranging to see any actual shows, but Annmarie had particularly wanted to see some live jazz music. The actual jazz festival was over but we found a lovely pub/restaraunt (the Eighty Queen Street or 80QS) that was hosting some jazz bands there that afternoon.

We saw what was apparently the “house band” who apparantly play there regularly. They were really quite good. The hotel seems to have jazz bands quite often so I’m going to have to remember to bring my brother Paul there when he gets up here (he’s a bit of a jazz buff, and they have some cocktails made with Glenfiddich, not to mentions some nice beers). The really odd part of the afternoon was that Willow and Gabriel seemed to really like the music. We had lunch there and Willow was annoyed that she couldn’t see the band. So when we finished, we sat over near the band and Willow wanted a seat near them to see them better. She even wanted to talk to them during their break and she got to play the drums when they finished. A good time for all.

After that we walked around the festival and saw some of the street performers then walked down some of the Royal Mile and off to the train back to Glasgow.

The Sunday was quite nice too. We went to a park in the west end where Willows new school were having a meet and greet to let the kids get to know each other before school starts. Willow ran around with the other kids and had a great time (we also had a nice little picnic lunch too). Funnily enough one of kids who Willow was playing with was a little boy called Oliver who happened to have a friend called Tommy (Willow has a pair of cousins called Tommy and Oliver).


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