Quick note…

Hello all!

Well it’s been ages since I last posted and although much time has passed, not a lot has happened. The biggest change is of course that I am working. I have been taken on by a company called Integria Solutions who have appointed me their official “Technical Support Consultant” meaning general runabout tech monkey, but sounds better on a business card. The company is setting out on doing printing strategies for large business to help them reduce costs and I will be, at first, their technical assistance. I am hoping to find my way into doing more of the business consulting, but I’ll have to see as I go.

Not a whole lot else has been happening, but we have seen the inside of a couple of hospitals. Willow fell over while running about one evening and split open her lower lip, so she needed 4 stitches (or sutures as some of our more medically inclined audience will know). She needed to go to the yorkhill children’s hospital as no one else would do the stitching as the being on her lip meant that it was a difficult place and the regular medical staff were a bit nervous of her age. But all went well and the stitches are gone and the cut is healing nicely.

Anyway, I have to shoot off, but as always, I will try to keep the site more up to date in future (promises, promises…).



One thought on “Quick note…

  1. Stitches, eh. Got 12 of them myself. I recommend the same advice you gave me—Calendula (sp?). Hope everybody is doing well.


    “He hoped and prayed that there would be no afterlife, but then he realized this was kind of hypocritical. So he only hoped that there would be no afterlife.”–>


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