New Fridge!!

Well after about three months on the road, I have finally had a non-Australian hair cut. Good thing too, my hair was starting to look decidedly ragged and mopish, not the thing for job seeking at all. Since I have also re-acquired my suits etc., and have had them dry cleaned, I now look quite … err … spiffy. Other than that, things are mostly not too bad. We have decided that the pathetic quality of our fridge requires us to replace it with a model more suited to a small family trying to live healthily on a modest budget in one of the least healthy countries in the world (they think that chips are vegetables, they have obsessive sweet tooths (or is that sweet teeth??) and they deep fry everything, we were told that Edinburgh has the dubious distinction of being the home of the deep fried mars bar). The new fridge is on order and will be delivered on Saturday. So only three more days till abundant fruit and legumes at hand in the kitchen.

Well once again, it is quite late here so I guess I’ll leave it here and it’s off to bed. It’s been good to hear now and then from people back in Oz, so keep any communications coming.


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