Pics at last

Well everyone, I’m just putting up a quick post to let anyone who was waiting (and reads this) that I have finally put pictures up on the web. You can find them here. Please don’t hesitate to email me if you want bigger, printable versions of individual pictures.


2 thoughts on “Pics at last

  1. I looked through the photo’s and there are some fantastic shot’s. A couple of the sunset shot’s and the night shot’s of London are amazing. Only 3 months till I’m there, I can’t wait to see you guys. Send my love to Willow and Gabe.

    Love Paul.


  2. Hi Damian
    great photos. The camera is the bomb as my kids would say. Its a while since I visited your site and I must say it looks great. Nothing changed much here except I miss your ability to pull me out the s..t with the database. Its great to see that your travels are going well. As for the scruffy hair comment, whats new!!! Sue (secretary) finishes up next week. Her and Gordon are heading off to Tentent Creek, Gorgon has a job as a high school teacher!! I don’t know who to feel more sorry for! You have given me itchy feet to travel again. Next year I hoe to visit New Orleans and than do a cruise fron Vancover to Alaska. Keep the pics coming.
    Kaye S


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