Greetings from Tokyo

Hello to everyone back home in Australia (and to those ahead in Europe).

Tokyo is fantastic, and language barriers aside, myself and Annmarie have been wondering if we may have chosen the wrong city to live in for a year. In any case, we are already planning to save up to stay here for a couple of weeks on our way back. The food is fantastic, the city is awe inspiring and the people are wonderful (at least we think they are, they could all be insulting us to our faces and we would never know…). The whole place is so neat and orderly.

We have been wondering about all the stories we have heard of Tokyo being expensive, we are using well under what we budgeted and are eating some great food. I put it down to the fact that we are eating local and avoiding the obvious touristy locations and fancier restraunts. Also we are staying in a ryokan (more traditional inn, kinda more a hostel than a hotel) and we are staying just next to Tokyo University, so maye the area caters to students. But then again, prices in the department stores seem not to different to back in Oz. Our big problem with food is actually that the Japanese do everything too well. Even dounuts are fantastic, anyone coming here has to try `Mister Donut`, amazing! We think we might get rich if we can find out how they make them and open a shop in Oz. The local burger places are great too (Mos Burger for one). Everything is fresh and light and nothing is oily. Local food is cheap and delicious (oishii desu) too.

Unfortunately, my more detailed account of our travels was destroyed by a system crash on this Japanese language Power Mac, 45 minutes of writing down the tube. So this little update will have to do for now. I`ll try to get more up soon.

Anyway, it`s getting a bit late and I`m out on my own looking for a ramen noodle bar for dinner (Annmarie is exausted and had dinner in with the kids), so until next time, cya all.


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